Medical Used Oil Absorbent Cotton

Min. Order: 1 Piece
Port: Beijing, China
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Medical Used Oil Absorbent Cotton

Product Description

Usage range: design for remove paraffin oil during producing soft capsule in biomedical GMP Aseptically workshop. This product specially acting strong absorb ability, no harm on product surface, withoutsecond pollution, reusable and economically.   
product specialty
In accordance with the new GMP requirement, this product using double layer on single side, easy to clean and use.  
Fast oil absorb: Made with lipophilic fiber product, could catch oil once in contact, without scrub the surface, therefore reduce the friction of meticulous surface.
High efficiency micro suction roll: This unique design result the contact area enlarged during cleaning, instead friction the surface or second pollution, it will roll the dirt and dust up together.
Unique flat fiber: compare with the regular circular fiber, which normally flatten the dirt instead roll it up, the flat fiber will clean the dirt and dust far more efficiency and leave without any remaining.
lipophilic fiber product has high decontamination rate, use without friction. Suitable for clean on dry surface, 5 to 6 time better suction than other product, and 4 to 5 time lower pollution rate.
Effect result
Super flexible fiber without friction the surface.
Suitable for non-chemical agent area.
Repeat usable.
Cleaning method
Use alcohol or cleaning agent to wash and dry before use.
Clean multiple times by neutral detergent. (Avoid NaOH, which refer as caustic soda, would break down the fiber, shorten the using period.)
Suggestion of alcohol or high temperature steam, high temp about 128 degrees.
(avoid using UV light, will fasten the fiber perished and fallen off.)
operational duration.
The product operational duration depends on environment and way of clean. Suggested replace of 1500 hours.
Requirement room temperature, no direct light and dry place.

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